Sunday, June 28, 2009


Hi I'm Reuben. This is my blog. Thanks for visiting. Please can you leave a comment to tell me where you are from so I can learn about other places in the world. (My mum has a prize for someone who comments in the next week)


  1. Hi Reuben, I am Jamie, but I go by Momma B on the computer! I am from IL. That is in North America.

    Let me know what you learn about IL and I will make you a hat! Does that sound like a deal?

    You will post on my blog to tell me what you know about where I live and you can tell me what color of hat you would like me to send to you.

    Happy learning!

  2. Hi Reuben! I'm Jacqui and I live in Auckland. I know, not very exciting when you want to know about other places in the world! But I grew up in Edmonton, which is a city in Canada, and I've also lived in Sydney Australia. Maybe you could find out what kinds of animals live near Edmonton and Sydney and if any are the same? You can come by my blog if you have any questions! :)

  3. Hi Reuben! My name is Barbara and I live in New Jersey, in the United States. I live right by the Atlantic Ocean and see lots of animals like dolphins, seagulls, and crabs. Have you seen those animals?
    I like the pictures on your blog, especially the Luke Skywalker outift. Very nice.
    Good luck with your blog.

  4. Hi, Rueben! My name is Rebecca, and I live in Iowa, in the United States. We are kind of right in the middle of the US. There is a lot of corn growing here, and we have lots of cows and pigs around us. We raise chickens, and grow lots of gardens. It's very nice to meet you!

  5. Hi Reuben, I'm Deb and I live a street away from you in Opawa. I am one of Mum's quilting friends. You are so lucky you have such a wonderful family and how exciting having Annie-Rose now part of it. I bet that you are the most wonderful big brother and spend lots of time making her smile and laugh. Your Mum talks about you so much, she is so very proud of you and your brothers and sisters, you are such great children. I have two children, one girl Beth who is 17 and a boy Jack who is 19 and at university.
    I ope that when you read this wee note you have had a good day and feeling a bit brighter than you have been lately. Isn't it great that the sun is shining today and there isn't any rain? A little bit chilly though... brrrrr.

  6. Hi Rueben, I'm Catherine and live in a small town on the Coromandel Peninsula called Whangamata. We are having a bit of a storm at the moment, cold and wet. When this sort of weather hits us our rivers rise and we are quite often left stranded unable to get out of town. My girls who are 9 and 12 probably think its quite exciting as sometimes it means they are stranded at their school which is 10 minutes drive north of town. Hope your weather is a lot more cheerful than ours. Have fun with your blog.

  7. Hi Rueben! Neat Blog! Looks like you get to have a lot of fun.

    I'm Tam, originally from New Zealand born in Dargaville, grew up in the Hokianga), but now live on the Gold Coast (Australia)

    I think you need to get a big map out and mark where everyone is from! I know my son has a great time learning that we live in Australia and his grandparents live in New Zealand

    Have fun with your blog and I will be sure to keep watch!

  8. Hi Reuben!

    I live in a town called Valley Center in Southern California. We are out in the country and we find spiders of all sizes in the house all the time! I am so used to them that they don't scare me at all. Sometimes we even name them! The other day we found a tarantala by the front door and my son found a baby king snake in his room! We took pictures of those! I hope you have a good day! I really like your blog. It looks fun!

  9. Hello Rueben,

    I'm clarinda from New South Wales Australia :)

  10. Hi Rueben

    I'm Viv, I live in Carterton, New Zealand. If you've ever been on a ride down to Wellington throught the Wairarapa you would have driven past our place, we live on the State Highway :-)

  11. Hi Reuben,

    What a great hobby you have here with this blog. I wonder who is prouder, you or your mom?

    I live in the United States. The state I live in is called Michigan. Michigan has two peninsulas. We call it the Upper and Lower peninsulas. I am in the lower one which is where more people live. The upper one is much less populated.

    Our state is surrounded by five lakes and we have four seasons. There's a saying around here "If you don't like the weather, just wait a day!"

    Jobs are very hard to come by in Michigan. We are the automobile capital of the world but with this economy so many people are not working. I myself am not working.

    I do not want to live in Michigan forever. Once my son is grown (he is 12 now), I'd like to move somewhere warmer, by the ocean. My two favorite places are the ocean and the desert. Kind of odd, I know. Very different places!

    Anyhow Reuben, I will check back from time to time and wish you well. I think this is such a neat project.

  12. Hi Reuben,

    My name is Weston. I am 3 years old. I live in Spanish Fork, Utah with my mom and dad and little brother. That is in the United States. We have all four season here. I like to play in the snow in the winter. And in the summer I swim in my little pool in the backyard.
    I like to wear my super hero cape and find bugs outside.

    Have a great day!

  13. Hi Reuben,

    my name is Paige (my blog is

    I live in Minnesota, in the United States.

    Have fun!

  14. Hi Reuben. My name is Cricket (really!) I live in Maine, in the US. I live on the coast, so there is a beach nearby which is mostly too cold to swim in. There are lots of lobstermen in Maine and when I drive around I see the traps stacked up in their yards when they are not using them to catch lobsters. We also have woods here and we like to go hiking and camping. I have two little girls - one is 5 1/2 and the other is 2 1/2. Would you like to do a postcard exchange with my older daughter? You could both practice your writing. Moms are always thinking things like that, aren't they?

    PS You have more comments on your blog than I have on mine. :)

  15. Hey Reuben. My name is Brenda. I live in Franklin, Tennesse in the USA. I've lived here all of my life and love it. It's usually pretty humid here in the Summer. Today it's 83 degrees but not so humid. I have 2 children that are grown. 29 year old and 31 year old. My daughter Lori (29) has 3 children. My grandkids are Jakob 11 (almost 12), Layla 5 and Ruby 3. They live pretty close to me so I get to see them a lot.
    The winters here are cold, but not as bad as other places. The temperatures are usually 35 to 40 degrees. We do get snow sometimes. About once a year.
    I read your Mom's blog every day and would love to read yours.

  16. Hi Reuben,
    I also live in Franklin, but not in Tennessee. I live in Franklin, WI. It's about an hour from the capital of our state, Madison, which is located in Wisconsin, U.S.A. I'm an 8th grade teacher and think it's SO COOL that you want to learn about so many new places. :)

  17. Hi, Reuben! Glad to see you're blogging. It is a great way to practice lots of skills, and get to meet people.

    My name is Kelly, and I have 4 children. Bane is 5 1/2. Kayla is 4 1/2. Abby is 2 1/2 and little Dillon will be one year old in just a few weeks. We live in the very small town fo Good Thunder, in Minnesota. Our state shares a border with Canada, and a shoreline with Lake Superior. Minnesota is a nice place to live. In the winter it can get very cold (-30 degrees Celsius, or MORE!) and we usually get lots of snow. In summer it can get pretty hot and humid, but it's a nice change. Unfortunately, we do have lots of mosquitos. Minnesota is actually called "Land of the 10,000 Lakes" but I think there are really 15,000. The famous Mississippi River starts in MN, too. People here like to do a lot of fishing, hunting, boating and swimming at the lake, and ice fishing, too. In my small town, the highlight of the year is our town's celabration which we just had this past weekend. It is very small, but we do things like have fire truck rides, turtle races, games in the park, and a tractor pull. Oh, and I can't forget the parade, where lots of candy is thrown.

    Hope you have fun learning about lots of new places.

  18. Hi Reuben,

    I am Cindy and I am from Mitchell South Dakota. It is home to the World's Only Corn Place (also called the World's largest bird feeder). It is a building that is decorated with corn murals on the outside and also has some on the inside. It is an arena type building that hosts basketball games, concerts and is open to the tourists in the summer. I also live in the Mount Rushmore state. I hope you learn alot about the world from this blog -what neat ideal!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Hi Reuben. I live in Glasgow, in Scotland. It's summer here and very hot just now - 25 degrees celsius. We don't get very much hot weather here, so people find it hard to cope!

    My name that I use online is xstpenguin. I like penguins, a lot! And xst is short for cross stitch, this is a type of embroidery (ask your mum!) that I used to do very, very often and now still do sometimes. I like many crafts, but my favourite is sewing.

    I'd like to have a blog too, so that I could show people the things I make. But I can't think of a cool name. I want something funny, about sewing and fabric and knitting and penguins!

    My health is not good. Often I can't do the things I want to do and have to stay home and rest. Sucks, doesn't it!? You seem like a really cool kid and I hope you have enjoyed reading this and all your other comments.

    a very old (37and7/8ths!) big wean (pronounced wayne and is the Glasgow word for a kid.)

  20. Hi, Reuben:

    I like your photos--you do a good job with your camera!

    I live in the USA in the state of Michigan. In the summer we like to go to Lake michigan for fun. The lake is so big that you cannot see the other side, and it has lovely sand beaches and dunes. We like to build sand castles and then jump up and down in the waves.

    Our house is on a little lake or pond. You can see a photo of it on my blog: http://saras-scraps.blogspot,com

    Sara Homeyer

  21. Hi Reuben!

    I am Dianah and I live in Stockton, California. We are about an hour south of Sacramento(our state Capital) and an hour east of San Francisco. We are a large town, 400,000 people, but we aren't a major city.

    We have a lot of farm land in our area. Also we have the furthest inland port on the West Coast. We ship food all over the world and receive in raw sugar from Africa to refine into the sugar people have at their homes.

    We are also about an hour away form hills and mountains. We have a great location to go do anything you want.

    I look forward to your blog to see what you can learn about all of us.


  22. Hi Reuben - I'm Melissa & live in the US as well - in Indiana. I'd be glad to answer any questions you have. What a great way to learn about Geography, and meet new people.

  23. Hey Ruby, my name's Jo but you know me as Aunty Jo or Joey! Was coming to your blog to write you a note and then I see that everyone else is too! Was thinking last night that this will be a good way for me to say hi to you because you don't have a phone I can text. Missing you and your cuddles a lot.

    If you are looking up all these people on a map then you can look me up too. I am in Brisbane, Australia.

    Love you xx

  24. Hello! I'm from Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA.

  25. Hi Reuben;
    I am from Kansas, right in the middle of the USA. It is really hot here right now. Fun days for swimming! I hope you are having a great summer!

  26. He Reuben - I am so glad to meet you - you remind me of my grandson who is the same age as you are. I am from Texas - just outside of Houston. It is very hot and very humid here. Hope you are having a great summer. Anne

  27. Hi Reuben, I'm glad to have found your blog. I live in Iowa in the middle of the US. I'm in a small town and all around us are fields of beans and corn. Farmers will harvest the crops in a few months, then all the pretty green fields will be bare again. I have 3 children, but they are all grown and moved away. The good thing tho is that I am a grandma to 6 children, 3 girls and 3 boys. And they are a fun bunch when we get together.

  28. Hi Reuben,
    I live a little closer to you. I am in Lyttelton which is over the hill behind your house. But every school day you can find me in Opawa School in the office. You may know me as the person who comes to your room to deliver messages or fix your computers. Do you know who I am?

  29. Hi Reuben, I'm from St. Louis, Missouri and just found your blog today. Hope all is well :)
    -Susan M.

  30. Hi Reuben,
    I'm Amy. I'm from Toronto, Canada but now I live in Taipei, Taiwan. I think that will be fun to find on your will see it close to China, it is a small island. I have lived here for one year and it is very different here. I teach children English.

    People here speak Mandarin Chinese. It is not an easy language to learn, because high and low sounds of the same word have different meanings.

    But I can tell you how to say hello in Mandarin. You can say Ni hao (sounds like knee -how) It means hello, but a more direct translation is Ni (you) and hao (good) So its kind of like wishing someone well.
    I hope you are well Reuben, nice to meet you. :)

  31. Hi I think that your blog is great. I am from Chillicothe MO USA. Chillicothe is the home of sliced bread

  32. Hi Reuban, My name is Mary and I am from Toledo,Ohio USA.Toledo is on Lake Erie which is one of the GREAT LAKES. Toledo has 2 nicknames one is THE GLASS CITY(because of glass factories) and FROG TOWN (because we use to be part of THE GREAT BLACK SWAMP).We have some famous people that are from here.Katie Holmes(Tom Cruise's wife),Jamie Farr from M*A*S*H,and Danny Thomas. Today the 4th of July is a holiday in the US.It is our INDEPENDENCE DAY from England back in 1776.We usually have picnics or cookouts plus fireworks. If you would like to know more about this area or something from here. Have your mom e mail at Have a very good day !! Mary

  33. Hi Reuben,
    Wow!!! What a fantastic blog you have now.
    I came on to read all your updates and have been blown away by the wonderful information and pictures that you have on here now. You are learning so much!
    Keep up the fantastic work..
    ...your teacher,